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Red Koftan



Description: Kaftan - white with regal red trim.
Product Id: KoftanRed

Blue Koftan



Description: Radium Kaftan - white with navy blue trim.
Product Id: KoftanRadiumBlue

Fez Tarboosh



Description: Tarboosh, Fez, tarbush, fezzes, fezes, also called a smoking cap, waterproofed for our more humid location in the world.
Product Id: Fez-Waterproof




Description: Hand made Egyptian chess game board with detailed inlays. Share with friends as you enjoy hookah together.
Product Id: Chess19

Learn BC Driving

BC Driving


Description: Arabic Translation of "How to Drive Smart" in British Columbia
Product Id: BC Driving

Backgammon Chips



Description: Replacement Backgammon Chips in White and Black from Gomaa.
Product Id: BackgammonChipSetGomaa




Description: Hand made Classic Egyptian game board with attractive inlays. Share with friends and a hookah. 19"
Product Id: Backgammon19

Arabic TV



Description: Internet 2 year subscription to Arabic Television w/ 4K Ultra HD, 4 core CPU & Remote
Product Id: ArabicTV

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Egyptian Musical Instruments

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